SaaS Pricing Strategy for Innovators

PRICEP™, the PRICing Elicitation Process 

Pricing is crucial to the success of your company, it is directly related to your revenue as well as to the customer adoption of your services.  

Are you wondering if your Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing is adequate? Did you just make an educated guess? Are you charging too much? Or are you leaving money on the table?  Do your pricing tiers have the right features? Are you struggling to justify your pricing to your customers and investors? 

PRICEP™, the PRICing Elicitation Process, is an original methodology to determine the pricing best suited to your services.

By following our workshop, you, startup executives, will be able to optimize your pricing and better monetize you services.  You will learn how to build up your service value and how to distribute features across pricing tiers. You will master the ability to explain and justify your pricing to all your stakeholders.


The Attributes of a Good PricingSimple, Scalable, Depict customer value, Promote good behavior
Pricing ElementsUsers, Metrics, Features
Pricing ModelsPay as you go, Revenue share, Subscription pricing, Freemium and free trial, Payment models, On-premise pricing,...
PRICEP™ - The Pricing Elicitation ProcessA six-step processFeatures distribution on tiered pricingExamples
FAQ and DiscussionAttendees specific case reviews

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