We are the creator of PRICEP™, the PRICing Elicitation Process, an original methodology to determine the pricing best suited to your services.  

Our Services

Startup Advisor

We advise seed stage startups in all their Products & Engineering Management needs including Software as a Service, product definition, User eXperience, IP strategy, and Technology selection. We help bootstrap and grow the startup footprint as well as navigate the Silicon Valley ecosystem.  

We focus on Software as a Service, Blockchain, and Data Science

Are you wondering if your Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing is adequate? Did you just make an educated guess? Are you charging too much? Or are you leaving money on the table?  

In 5 consulting sessions, we will analyze your service and target market, then recommend a couple of pricing model that optimizes monetiztion and attractiveness of your service.

If you run an incubator or innovation team, we will deliver to your audience a 90mn  workshop on SaaS or XaaS  Pricing in person or online.  We will taylor the workshop to your industry to make it more relevant. 

The workshop will go through the many pricing models (freemium, tiered, transaction, paygo,...) and introduce the PRICing Elicitation Process (PRICEP™).

Coralya Technologies is led by Thierry Schang, a Silicon Valley software engineering executive with extensive experience in Financial Technologies and Cloud services. Thierry is a strategic thinker skilled in defining product strategies and driving companies to develop or embrace disruptive technologies. Thierry is a pragmatic leader with proven ability to build and grow software development teams across the globe.

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